Attention to duplicates

Paola Pilnik shared this problem 2 years ago

Hey y'all,

I was noticing I kept running into duplicates of many profile pages and decided to take a couple of hours to consolidate them into one page. I doubt that I got all of them, but I did get many.

That being said, I'm noticing that the problem comes from a few sources:

1) Adding a space at the end of the name (it recognizes it as a new profile)

2) Spelling (Theater vs Theatre; Company vs. Co.; etc)

Also I think some of us have been adding events to the same theaters and companies and not paying attention when it says "Add profile to [...]?". I definitely caught myself accidentally making some duplicate pages.

Anyway, just a heads up!

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Hi Paola,

We're aware that this is happening, so we're working on creating a solution which would prevent this.

Thanks for posting!