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Can't enter affiliation

John Ernest Servilio shared this problem 2 years ago

I am unable to enter an affiliated organization to my profile, even after adding that organization. It also doesn't recognize others like The Dramatists Guild. Thanks.

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Hi John,

Thanks for reporting this. I think we need to add an instruction for folks to make sure that the Network / Association / Union organization that they are trying to associate with has been identified as a "Network / Association / Union." The way that you can do that is to

1) find the organization

2) click the "edit" link

3) check mark: "Network / Association / Union" in the section of the profile form called: "What kind of organization is this?"

4) Save

5) Find your profile

6) start typing in your Network / Association / Union name into the Affliations box and you should then be delivered suggestion. Click on one of the suggestions and you'll see yourself listed on their page.



Can you define network/association/union please? If the organization (my playwriting group, for example) does not fall into this category, how do I link myself to that organization? Thanks, again.


Hi John,

We don't have a universal definition, and we encourage people to define terms for themselves and to give us feedback about changing or adding descriptive terms. It seems like your playwrights group should consider itself a "network" which would allow it's members and others to quickly see the members in one place. The other option is to list the playwrights (manually including links to profiles) in the "About" section of the playwrights group profile page.


Thank you.