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Amy Clare Tasker shared this idea 20 months ago
Under Consideration

I'm mapping the current season of the Young Vic theatre in London. They often do co-productions. When I enter these performances as new events, I can only put one organisation where it says List the Producing, Presenting, Festival, or Development Organization.

I've been entering Young Vic there, and then when they are doing a co-production, I am entering the co-producer or festival as a 'participant' after I've created the event.

This is OK, but it doesn't reflect how the show is listed on the theatre's website, for example:


An Amer Hlehel, Young Vic and Shubbak Festival co-production.

For creating the show, we can have two or more authors. Is there a way to list two or more producers for an event?

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Thank you Amy. We've put this in our web development queue:


Your current work-around is fine for now. Thanks!