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Combining Profiles

John Meredith shared this idea 2 years ago

I've found several occurrences of a single individual/organization with two or more profiles (Ramona Ostrowski) for example. Could there be a way to combine or submit to have two profiles combined?

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And/or possibly a notification if someone is about to add a profile and there is already a profile with that name?


Hi John,

Thanks for reporting this. It's a temporary bug that will be resolved soon. Normally, when you start typing in a name or title, you'll get a dropdown menu of similar sounding names or titles. If your entry is already in the directory, you can just select it. If it's not in the directory, it will prompt you: "Add [name]..."


Hi John,

As for combining duplicate pages, that is not possible. What we suggest is that you delete the one that is less filled out. Here's an easy way to do that: in Mac, control+click2b30c23f5e7ea8ccae326f77945cec38 the name and open up the duplicates into new webpage tabs, in Windows, right click the names into new webpage tabs. You can tell look at them to determine which one to delete, by clicking the "delete" link on the page.