Possibility of an "Other" tag under each heading

Erika Phoenix shared this idea 15 months ago
Under Consideration

Going back through the suggestions, I saw that there were quite a few suggestions of excellent ideas of things to be added to the interests check boxes. However, the list is incredibly long already and to add more tick boxes could overwhelm anyone trying to add a new profile. I would suggest a tick box labeled "other" with a fill in the blank which allows the creator to add in more specific interests that we may be able to search by in the future?

I thought of this because someone suggested Shakespeare as a tick box because it is popular worldwide and many organizations and artists are related very specifically and closely to his work. However, his work already falls under Classical, anyway. But for artists searching for individual profiles interested in Shakespeare (like a scholar or director who focuses on his work), it would be invaluable.

It would also allow for subcategories to be chosen. For example, a company could be solely focused on Commedia dell'Arte, which falls under Physical Theatre, but want to connect to performers trained in Commedia dell'Arte. Then they could add it with the addition of an "Other" tag.

It could also be limited to the addition of one to three "other" listings so that profile creators are encouraged to be specific and concise.

What do you think?