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Profiles website links do not work

Paola Pilnik shared this problem 20 months ago

When I click on some of the websites on a certain individual or company's profile it doesn't work.

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Hi Paola,

This is happening probably because the link isn't fully written out such as "";. Maybe try adding the http:// or some other configuration of the URL or domain name to see what it requires in order to become a clickable link.





A similar problem happens to me:

When clicking on a link in the 'contact info' box of any profile, the system takes you to the wrong URL.

It basically deletes the : (colon symbol) that goes after the 'http/https' from the URL, giving as a result a page not found error.

You can see an example in this profile, which I created:

The URL is correctly written; I even tried to copy-paste the link through the notepad to make sure it is not carrying any format or mistake. You can also hover over the link and you´ll see the incorrect link at the bottom bar of your web browser.

By the way, I am using Chrome

Any ideas?