Shows based on literary texts

Natália Kovács shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

When addinga show, I’m not sure about every detail.

When I adda show based on a foreign play what shall I write to the country of origin andto the languages?

1. The country and the language of thedrama/novel? In this case the problem is that it is not the same as the countryand the language of the show.

2. The country of the text and thelanguage of the show? It’s a bit messy for users, I think.

3. The country and the language of theshow? But when I give the name of the show e.g. Hamlet and then I give thelanguage of the show e.g. Hungarian it’s confusing, seems like the language ofShakespeare’s work is Hungarian.

I think itwould be nice to separate the shows and the texts better: to make separate profilesfor them, but also link them. Because when I add a show based on a drama or anovel, I cannot name the director or the theatre company as the primary creator,because then I would leave out the writer. But the writer is (most commonly)not the creator of the show only of the text.

Here is mysuggestion: in the option “Add a new show” could be another option “Add a newtext” (or drama, or novel etc…) there we could add the writer and maybe asummery. Then, when this profile is created we can add it as the name of the “newshow”. It would be nice also because then we would see how many Hamletperformance are and where are they performed…