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Under Consideration

What doesthis person do in the theatre? / What kindof organization is this?

· Marketing

· Divulgation / Circulation

· Financial Advisor or project developer


• Microtheater – Microteatro.

• Street theater – Teatro de Calle

• Popular Theater – Teatro Popular

• Clown – Clown (It is the same inSpanish) People like to have it byitself.

• Standup comedy.

• Actors – Actor (Actor (I figured that performer covers it, but because there are performance-dancer and dance, there should beactor as well)

• Marketing - Mercadeo

• Divulgation / Circulation-Divulgation/Circulation

• Theater theory / Teoria de Teatro (or Methodology development)

• As there is Burlesque / Cabaret, thereshould be some call Drama, which is not the same as Classical that I figuredwas the closest.