unable to connect 2018 festival to festival organizer

Amy Clare Tasker shared this problem 17 months ago

Hi folks,

I'm trying to link the organization profile for Voila! Europe Theatre Festival to the upcoming Voila! Europe 2018 event. When I go to the 'Festival Organizer' box on the right side and type in Voila, nothing comes up.

It says: "If your Festival Organizer does not appear here, it doesn't have a profile yet. Go to 'add person/organization' to make one."

But the festival organizer definitely does have a profile - and the 2017 Voila festival is linked to it just fine.

Here's the 2018 festival page:


and here's the festival organizer page:


Thanks for your help!


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Hi Amy, thanks for letting us know about this.

We're going to investigate why this is happening, we'll update you once we've found a solution.


Hi there!

I'm still having trouble linking festivals to my organiser profile. Now we have a new festival coming up and I'd love to link it to our profile.

On the festival page, when I type in the organiser name 'Voila Europe' nothing comes up in the search box.

The organiser profile is here: https://www.worldtheatremap.org/en/profiles/32qFwTGv8dj4TR5ut

and there are 2 festivals that I've not been able to link to this organiser: https://www.worldtheatremap.org/en/profiles/womCdpczNRYkEApA5



Thanks for your help!



Hi Amy,

Thanks for the report. The reason why "Voila! Europe Theatre Festival" wasn't showing up as a potential "Festival Organizer" choice in the right-column Festival Organizer's box on a Festival page, is because "Voila! Europe Theatre Festival" was marked as both a "Organization" profile and a "Festival" page. I removed "Festival", and then it appeared as a potential "Festival Organizer" in the drop-down selection menu.

(We're being very literal when we call the profile "Voila! Europe Theatre Festival" an "organization", and not a "festival". We're defining "Festival" as a time-delimited set of "Event" programming itself, like something that happens annually. We're defining an organization as the timeless entity that may have artistic programming, or not. The semantics are complicated... we know).

Let me know how that looks to you now.



Hi Vijay, Aha! This makes sense now. The profile looks good, thank you for troubleshooting!