unable to connect 2018 festival to festival organizer

Amy Clare Tasker shared this problem 9 months ago

Hi folks,

I'm trying to link the organization profile for Voila! Europe Theatre Festival to the upcoming Voila! Europe 2018 event. When I go to the 'Festival Organizer' box on the right side and type in Voila, nothing comes up.

It says: "If your Festival Organizer does not appear here, it doesn't have a profile yet. Go to 'add person/organization' to make one."

But the festival organizer definitely does have a profile - and the 2017 Voila festival is linked to it just fine.

Here's the 2018 festival page:


and here's the festival organizer page:


Thanks for your help!


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Hi Amy, thanks for letting us know about this.

We're going to investigate why this is happening, we'll update you once we've found a solution.