When inserting the venue of an event, it doesn't show the address on the actual event page

Paola Pilnik shared this problem 2 years ago

If I set a map pin, the address for the venue doesn't show up on the finished event page.

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Hi Paola,

Can you give an example here? You can cut and paste the profile URL here.

Note: there is a difference (and which is probably not very clear yet to the user) between a "Show" page, and a "Event" page. An "Event" is a performance event that happens at a location and during a time range. A "Show" is a title that could have several different Events that make up it's history. A "Show" doesn't have a place or time. It only has authors and a synopsis. You can look closely at the URL to see the word "show" or "event" in it. We probably need to figure out how to communicate this better.


Vijay Mathew


Yes, the house definitions of "show" and "event" are clear as you just described them, and useful to know, but not intuitively obvious. However, I can't think of any brief category names that would make the distinction easier to grasp. Maybe, instead of rethinking the words, there just needs to be a succinct and accessible way to document the way you're using them... even if it's just a link to a glossary?