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I think that you should add a general search bar.

Known Simón A. Comments: 1 Reply 11 months ago by Simón A.
46 votes

Logout button

Known Raoni M. Comments: 2 Reply 12 months ago by Raoni M.
45 votes

Roles lost in translation

Known Camila L. 11 months ago No Comments
43 votes

Adding an event via mobile (Android) Chrome

Known Adriana G. 11 months ago No Comments
41 votes

Problemas with "affiliations"

Known Maximiliano A. 11 months ago Terms No Comments
40 votes


In Progress Camila L. Comments: 1 Reply 10 months ago by Alonso L.
39 votes

No Password Field

Known Adriana G. 11 months ago No Comments
38 votes

Translation mistakes

Known Frances M. 10 months ago No Comments
33 votes

Attention to duplicates

Known Paola P. Comments: 1 Reply 8 months ago by HowlRound
27 votes
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